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  Amcon epoxy paste - is a two - component, non - solvent and non - hazmat epoxy product, the Resin reinforced with Kevlar fibers and the Curing Agent contains Cycloaliphatic Amin. Whith these reinforcements it has extremely high tensile strength, flexural strength and also improves impact resistance and cohesive strength to create Chip resistance. It is also known for the improved 'Weatherability', water / moisture tolerance,, resistance to blushing and water spotting and better chemical resistance.
The unique sealer is designed to dispalce water from wet surfaces and is ideal for underwater application and installations. It can be used above ground and underground repairs. AmCon epoxy Paste is non-corrosive and bonds to a wide range of material such as Metal, Steel, fiberglass, Concrete, Wood and many Plastics.

Surface Preparation
Before applying, the surface must be clean. If possible Sandblasted, and if sandblasting is not possible then through grinding needs to be done to clean the surface. After sandblasting / grinding use cleaner to degrease the surface.

Mixing Ratio
1 part Base : 1 part Cure - Mix until even color is obtained

it can be applied using the spatula suplied with kit.

Pot Life
70 - 80 min at 24 °C

Curing Time
Non-Hazmat curing agents generally have a gentler exotherm and slower uniform curing (dosen get super hot, mels containers and turn hard in the blink of an eye). It has a 1 or 2 day 'rubbery' stage and after 48 hrs becomes 'rock hard'.

After curing, it can be machined. drilled, etc.
Physical Properties
Compressive Strength 10,500 psi
Tensile Strength 5,200 psi
CS-17 Wheel, 1Kg Load 0.20 gm loss
Water Absorbtion (2 hour boil) 0.19%
Flexural Strength 4,900 psi
Shore D Hardness 88
Heat Distortion 122 °F
Temperature Resistant 150 °F
Bond Strength To Concrete 100 % concrete failure
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