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Introduction to AmCon Epoxy
Our Product's Competitve edge
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  Comparing Amcon epoxy products with others.

1. AmCon Products are Non Solvent and Non Hazmat

It is classified as a non dangerous product, which means it is safe to use any where and most importantly it can ne airfreight to any part of the world as a normal cargo.

2. The main difference with Amcon epoxy from other epoxy is that resin is reinforced with Kevlar Fibers and in the curing agent it contains Cycloaliphatic Amin.

The unique and highly oriented structure of Kevlar creates fibers extremely high tensile stremgth. It also improves the flexural strength, changing a sample from brittle epoxy to a flexible sheet, which could be bent backward and forward.

It creates chip resistance, because of the improvement in impact resistance and cohesive strength, Kevlar reinforcement has a pronounced beneficial effect on resistance to chipping damage

The addition of cycloaliphaic curatives in the Part B (hardener or curing agent) of epoxy resin system greatly improves the epoxy. Cycoaliphatic curing agent are more expensive than the regular / standard curing agents.

Benifits of Cycloaliphatics: / Cycloaliphatics are known for their:

  • Improved 'weatherability;
  • Water / moisture tolerance
  • Resistance to blushing and water spotting
  • Better Chemical resistance

This provides for better 'impact resistance (note: 'hard' epoxies on the other hand, offer better abrasion resistance.

Since AmCon has the non-hazmat curing agents, it generally has a more gentle exotherm (heatig process) and a slower uniform curing (dosent get super hot, melt containers and turn hard in the blink of an eye).

Hazmat or not - the ones with a more gentle exotherm always seemed better to work with no worry of 'bubbling up or melting, the areas you are working and it also gives you time to work with it.

AmCon epoxy gives you a mechanical bonding, not by using heat to fuse the surface to create bonding.

Since Amcon epoxy are Solvent-Free and has a more gentle exothem, it can be applied not only to all metals, it can also be applied to foam products , fiberglass, concrete, wood, glass and many plastics.

Due to its unique feature, Amcon is designed to displace water between itself and the object surface to create a bonding. So this gives an opportunity ot be used on most applications with a damp or water saturated surface.

3. Amcon epoxy, after curing it is non-corrosive, bonds to a wide range of materials and it can be machined, drilled etc.

4. Narrow Product Line
That can work with a wide range of applicaitons

5. Extremely simple Mixing Ratios
AmCon Paste 1:1, AmCon Kev Coat 1:2

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